YOU CAN USE THIS ANSWER TO COMPLAINT FOR DIVORCE IF You are not going to contest the jurisdiction of the Court to hear your case. In this package the caption is on the a Answer to Complaint for Divorce b Joint Preliminary Injunction c FMC Request and Order for Mediation-NRS 3. 475 d and f Certificate of Mailing. THE ANSWER TO COMPLAINT FOR DIVORCE Insert your name address and phone number on the first page upper left-hand corner. The default is most commonly used when a party is served with a...
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Video instructions and help with filling out and completing answer complaint divorce

So how do you file an answer to a lawsuit actually it's pretty easy I just like to run you this is not legal advice an answer to a lawsuit or to a complaint is pretty much any document denying the allegations on a piece of paper you could write your answer on a napkin turn it in to the clerk of the court that would probably count as an answer before doing bankruptcy law used to do some collections normally in collections you file a complaint about 20 days later they don't answer you file for a default judgment you get a default judgment you start garnishing them every now and then you would sue someone that would actually file an answer generally it was the crazy cat lady she would write a meandering three-page letter to the court he would talk about her cats talk about why she didn't owe the money and ask for leniency from the court and then she'd file it with the court clerk or hand it to the clerk this document counted as an answer so if you get sued yes you should use an attorney to file the answer if you can't here's how you do the answer you copy the front page of the lawsuit with the caption the caption is the top part that says collection agency V Smith you write the case number on the right side you write the word answer and then you go through and you deny anything in the complaint that you disagree with if you don't think that they're charging you the fair amount of interest say I don't think this is the fair amount of interest if you don't think that's the right amount of money you owe say I don't think this is the right amount of money I owe put it all down there sign your name at the bottom mail a copy to opposing counsel file a copy with the court clerk which means walk into the court and hand it to the clerk and you have now filed an answer to a lawsuit now honestly you probably owe the money this answer is only a delaying tactic buying you two or three months of time till they file a motion for summary judgment and motion for judgment on the pleadings saying that your answer is insufficient than you do all the money the hard part is by filing this answer you may be buying yourself some time but you're also racking up additional attorneys fees so be very careful in doing it generally the only people I know who do this are the crazy cat lady it's that letter about our caps or someone trying to have a delaying tactic before they file bankruptcy but no filing an answer is not difficult you can also look up a most court website so we'll give you basic advice on how to file announcer do you need an attorney no you can do it yourself but I strongly recommend you use an attorney to file an answer to a lawsuit Thanks